The scale of the crisis in Poland was the largest in 3 decades

For the first time in 28 years, Poland has experienced such a large economic slowdown. What will be the scale of the crisis? From PLN 45 billion to as much as PLN 90 billion - this is how much can evaporate from the Polish economy due to the coronavirus crisis in 2020. As of today, the most vulnerable to job loss are the self-employed and people on junk contracts.

Piotr Bielski, director of the economic analysis department at Santander Bank Polska - A decline in Poland's GDP by a few percent may not seem threatening to many people. It is quite the opposite. Each percentage point less for the economy means some closed companies, some liquidated jobs, and above all some millions and billions of zlotys less income. After years of declining unemployment and rapid wage growth, now the situation on the Polish labor market will turn upside down

Dr. Ernest Pytlarczyk, chief economist of Pekao bank - The more the economy dives, the worse it is for Poles. If a few percent of GDP evaporates, there will be no one who would not be affected by this situation. It is not the mythical economy as such that loses value, but citizens and companies

Saxo Bank analysts - hold on, it's gonna be a ride. In the case of Poland, there has been no such drive for almost 3 decades. We do not remember the decline in GDP. We have never experienced the growing economy after the transformation period.