Binance Confirms Shipment Of Debit Cards To Europe

Binance confirmed the shipment of its cryptocurrency debit cards to Europe after a few days ago, the exchange CEO posted an entry on his twitter.

"We started shipping a limited number of Binance cards on July 24. Cards are shipped to users in the European Economic Area."

- a representative of the Binance exchange wrote to the Cointelepraph portal.

"Cards are sent to users in the European Economic Area"

- added the representative.

On July 25, Chiangpeng Zhao unofficially posted the information on his Twitter account.

"I heard that we started shipping in limited quantities since yesterday"

- said the president, referring to Binance Card - the cryptocurrency debit card of the exchange.

Binance announced the card in April 2020, after which the company acquired Swipe, the issuer of crypto debit cards. In July, we officially learned that the new Binancea product is already in the testing phase and we got to know the date of its introduction to the European market.

Binance also added that the card will soon expand its reach.

"The Binance Card will soon be available in the UK. We consider it a global initiative and will expand to more countries and regions,"

said the representative.

The representative did not give specific details about the new regions, but said compatibility for additional countries will come slowly over time.

"We want to roll out this feature to more countries and regions this year and beyond