From today you can set up and run a decentralized online store for free.

Dshop is a free and open source e-commerce solution based on IPFS and Ethereum blockchain. Current partners include Brave Software, Kyber and Solana, who already use this technology to power their stores, and from now on it has been made available to new resellers around the world at no cost. You can set up and run a self-service shop today. Dshop is designed with everyone in mind, including merchants who are tired of paying exorbitant fees and those who care about being censorship-resistant. Without knowledge of blockchain technology or software engineering, anyone with a computer and something to sell can run a decentralized online store, after hosting on the web, you can sell whatever you want and when you want to. After registration, you can immediately add products or services that you plan to sell. Not forgetting high-quality photos and detailed descriptions. You can create multiple product variants (eg Size, Color) and also assign different prices to your products. Like other e-commerce platforms, you can also create collections, discount codes, etc.

The store will be hosted on IPFS and the Ethereum blockchain, but you can add your own friendly domain to allow customers to easily find the store. Dshop is completely free. No hidden fees or ambiguities. Any transaction fees are limited to Ethereum's gas costs, which are not paid to Origin.

It is open source software. All Dshop code is free and open under the MIT license, which means you can fork the code and make changes. Every Dshop is ready to accept Origin Tokens (OGN), ETH and DAI cryptocurrencies as default payment methods. It also allows you to add any ERC-20 token as a payment method.

Dshop developers announce: "In the coming months, we will be introducing more features and integrations to help retailers around the world build and manage their online stores more efficiently."

Everything is detailed on the official Orgin blog