The Indian state of Telangana is interested in using blockchain for electronic voting

The South Indian state of Telangana may soon develop and test a blockchain-based electronic voting system to facilitate remote voting.

Speaking at an online seminar hosted by the Indian Election Commission and the Tamil Nadu E-Governance Agency, Chief Information Technology Secretary Jayesh Ranjan suggested that the state might initially experiment with small-scale blockchain-based electronic voting and then extend its implementation.

Also part of the webinar were members of the Indian Election Commission, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the Indian civic engagement platform MyGov, and leaders of the blockchain industry.

As reported by the local media Deccan Chronicle, seminar members discussed the possible use of blockchain technology in implementing an electronic voting platform for Indian states.

Ranjan said the state government could convince smaller bodies such as civic organizations, districts and sports associations to hold internal elections using their platform.

Depending on what is observed in smaller experiments, they may go ahead and convince other state governments to use the blockchain platform. Ranjan also hopes that by showing the improvements promised by such a platform, they will one day scale the e-voting solution to the national level.

"There should be a demand for this particular technology." It must be shown that individual deficiencies can be removed using blockchain and remote voting "

, He said.