Walmart joins StormX and offers crypto cashback

The StormX platform will now allow its users to earn money in cryptocurrencies while shopping at Walmart.

According to an announcement made on August 14 by Cointelegraph, StormX users can now earn up to 4% of cryptocurrency cashback on purchases at Walmart. Users who achieve the rank of "Diamond" can earn up to 14%. Simon Yu, CEO of StormX, said he believes this partnership with Walmart will bring new users to the crypto world.

"As the world's only cryptocurrency cashback program for Walmart, we are confident that users will benefit from the rewards program to earn their favorite cryptocurrencies while shopping at their favorite store."

According to the announcement, Walmart is the newest company with more than 650 StormX partners, which already includes companies such as Microsoft, eBay, Nike, Adidas, Target, Dell and Samsung. StormX reports that it has already distributed over $ 2 million to its users.

In June, the Chinese subsidiary of Walmart partnered with VeChain, a blockchain-based supply chain management platform, to create a food product tracking system. In early March, Walmart also joined the blockchain initiative Hyperledger.