Another hacker attack on the Twitter account of an important person.

Hackers hijacked one of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modim's Twitter accounts and sent messages asking his followers to donate cryptocurrencies. India Today informs Modi's Twitter account narendramodi_in, which is linked to his personal website and mobile application, has been attacked by a group of hackers operating under the pseudonym "John Wick". Several tweets were released on September 2 stating that 2.5 million of the prime minister's followers had "generously donated to the PM National Relief Fund for Covid-19." At least two wallet addresses for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) were visible for some time before being removed. However, according to blockchain data, no funds were sent to any of the addresses.

The group that admitted the violation by publishing its email address also made it clear that it did not break into the Paytm Mall e-commerce market. An account that claimed to represent hackers boasted of having accessed Paytm Mall on a Russian internet forum. However, parent company Paytm has denied that any data was compromised during the August 30 breach.

Source: India Today